Kashmir Conference (Dallas, USA) postponement

COVID-19 (Corona Virus) has been declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). We recognize that the conditions of this pandemic vary by region and country. We have been paying close attention to travel advisories and restrictions by governments, including restrictions on travel from Europe to USA, as well as recommendations from public health officials for social distancing, self-quarantine and cancelation of large group events.

After monitoring the evolving situation in USA and across the globe, KGC has decided to postpone the upcoming Kashmir conference in Dallas, USA scheduled for Saturday, 28th March 2020. We advise our attendees to seek reimbursement or future credit for all the flight and hotel bookings made for this event. Almost all airlines and hotels have adopted a generous policy in this regard.

We are now tentatively planning to hold this conference on 12th-13th July 2020 which coincides with Martyr’s Day – a pivotal event in Kashmir’s freedom struggle. This date is subject to improvement in the current situation surrounding the pandemic and lifting of travel advisories. The venue will remain in Dallas, USA.

We will confirm this date in the coming weeks and ask that no new flight or hotel bookings be made till then. We ask that you continue with your visa application process if you had already started on it as you will still need it.

The decision to postpone the conference was not an easy one for us. We must continue our advocacy for justice and peace in Jammu & Kashmir, while also ensuring that our members and attendees are safe and not put in undue hardship or risk.

We would like our attendees to keep their enthusiasm alive. Between now and July, we will continue to engage and work with all our members and supporters to enhance and promote KGC’s vision for a united and independent Kashmir.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Board of Directors,
Kashmir Global Council
New York, USA