“Jammu & Kashmir: The Impact of the Lockdowns on Human Rights (August 2019-July 2020)”

The Forum for Human Rights in Jammu & Kashmir, a non-governmental body comprising mainly of Indian judges, former Indian bureaucrats, former Indian armed forces generals, and human rights activists has released a report on the impact of lockdowns imposed by India in Jammu & Kashmir since August 2019.

The report contradicts the claims of “economic growth” and “development” made by Indian government as the reason for the removal of Article 370 of Indian constitution. Key highlights of the report include:

* About 497,000 job losses in first six months

* Economic loss of nearly 2.4 billion US dollars

* Exponential rise in mental health problems

* Only 100 functional school days in 2019-20

* Mass detention of activists and politicians

* No newspapers published for two months

The detailed report can be read in the PDF format below.