Discussion on BJP-PDP Alliance Breakup & Recent Situation

506 thoughts on “Discussion on BJP-PDP Alliance Breakup & Recent Situation

  1. This show is anti Kashmir anti Pakistan and Anti Islam. Tahir Ghora as he says a frequent traveler to India and didn’t find any anti Muslim incident there shows how informed he is and how brainwashed he is by RAW. Tahir Ghora may have some personal issues with Pakistan or mainstream Islam but Kashmiris would allow you to reflect your personal agenda on Kashmir. Kashmir is 95 % Muslim it is their right whatever system liberal or sharia they want. When Ved Bushan a Kashmiri Pundit which is just 2% population can show openly and proudly support support India and Indian ideology why when some Kashmiri Muslims support Pakistan or Islamic govning system is not acceptable to him. He the representative of 2% wants to dictate 98 % his ideology. That’s is not gonna happen. Kashmir is not integral part of India and never was. As long as ved Bhutan like pundits and supporters of jagmohan the architect of Kashmiri Pundi migration exist Kashmiri Pundits have no place in Kashmir. They have wondered for 28 years and the will another 28 years.,
    India has to leave Kashmir occupation and let kashmiris decide their political future.
    Nothing less than independence from India occupation can india do do that will bring peace in Kashmir and stability in the region.
    Noorul Qureshi
    From IOK

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